Bird eggs for hatching from Europe

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Location: Karachi

Price: 100 ₨

Hello everyone, am Europe based, parrot breeder and collector. I am downsizing my farm and would no longer do large scale collection and hatching. if you require softbills/exotic and hookbills/pet birds fertile eggs for hatching,you can contact me for list of eggs available. you can get;
- African grey eggs
- Hyacinth macaw eggs
- Blue & gold macaw eggs
- Scarlet macaw eggs
- Umbrella cockatoo egs
- Moluccan cockatoo eggs
- Yellow napped amazon eggs
- Double yellow headed amazon eggs
- Toco toucan eggs
- Keel billed toucan eggs
- Greater Indian hill mynah eggs
We ship across Europe,USA,Canada and Asia. we can also extend our shipping to where ever you are. eggs we sell are guaranteed fertile and come with hatching guarantee.