Our Story

How and Why



Pakbreed.com is the first ever online platform for buyers and sellers to sell and buy pets, animals, machinery, equipment and other accessories.


The journey started in February - 2018, we had started our own dairy farm in 2017, being new into this business to look for new animals, dairy feed and other dairy accessories firstly we always had to seek help from online sources but unfortunately there was no online platform or any other well equipped online sources. After that we have realised that there is a massive need to provide our buyers, sellers, veterinary doctors and dairy experts an independent online platform where they can meet to buy, sell and share their valuable expert advises and suggestions to our farmers. This objective has resulted in existence of PAKBREED.COM

Our Purpose

Together, we build an excellent online platform to provide best possible pets, animal, agricultural and farming buying/selling solutions to make life better for everybody.

Mission Statement

World is lacking expertise in maintaining the livelihood of animals, especially pets and dairy animals. Due to lack of technical expertise and scientific procedures, very few advancements have been made in Poultry, Dairy and Agriculture industry. This has reduced the milk yield, meat and agriculture production in different countries and thus has reduced the investment level in the particular industry. Like Pakistan is one of the top six milk producers in the world but farmers are not well equipped to avail benefits. We have top breeds of buffaloes and by applying new techniques and breeding standards our farmers can get more benefits and same way by applying new scientific procedures in agriculture industry our farmers can contribute in growth of Pakistan's Economy. Therefore, our aim is to facilitate, train and provide best agricultural and farming solutions to each and every member of the society who is directly or indirectly indulged in agriculture industry as well as pets, poultry and dairy animals keeping.

Vision Statement

PAKBREED.COM's vision is to expand its current position as a leading online platform that leads in providing best online marketplace for agriculture, pets, poultry, and dairy industry around the globe. Our success is dependent on ensuring that we meet or exceed expectations of all of our users.